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Writing can be a very lonely and hermetical pastime, especially for a social person like me. Welcome to my author webpage, which hopefully makes this writing passion of mine a bit less of a solitary journey. I love to share my writing with others, I hope you feel free to respond and share right back.

New Release

Mike’s first book, Monastery Mornings: My Unusual Boyhood Among the Saints and Monks, is a love letter to a community of Trappist monks who provided family when it was needed the most. This warmhearted memoir describes how a small, insecure boy with a vibrant imagination found an unlikely family in the company of monks at Holy Trinity Abbey, in the mountains of rural Latter-day Saint Utah. Struggling with his parents’ recent divorce, Mike discovered a community filled with warmth, humor, idiosyncrasies, and most of all, listening ears. Filled with anecdotes and delightful “behind the scenes” descriptions of his experiences living alongside the monks as they farmed, prayed, buried their dead, ate, and shared the joys of life, Monastery Mornings speaks to the value of spiritual fatherhood, the lasting impact of positive mentoring, and the stability that the spiritual life can offer to people of all ages and walks of life.

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